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v6.0.11 - 2023-04-10

* Enhancement - Add the option to display the Event Website on the Events List widget, [tribe_events_list] shortcode and Events List Elementor widget. [ECP-751]
* Fix - Display the map on the single venue page based on the latitude and longitude values if said values are provided. [ECP-1470]
* Fix - Fix type fatal error when using `wp_unique_post_slug` with unexpected data types. [ECP-1485]
* Tweak - Changed views: `v2/venue/meta/map`, `v2/widgets/widget-events-list/event/website`
* Language - 1 new strings added, 53 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted
6.0.5 2022-12-14
* Fix - Fix for recursion error in `Provisional_Post_Cache`, looping on the `ID_Generator::current()` call. [ECP-1432]
* Fix - Fixes `Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot increment WP_Post in ...Series/Autogenerated_Series.php on line 359` when unintentionally incrementing WP_Post object in PHP 8. [ECP-1427]
* Fix - Adds support for `series` repository arguments in Tribe__Events__Pro__Repositories__Event. [ECP-1417]
* Fix - Prevent problems with international date formats for the timepicker causing Events to be saved with the incorrect Start and End date. [ECP-1352]
* Fix - Prevent fatals when using Widgets in a Shortcode [ECP-1434]
* Fix - Correct the override template pathing for the series templates. [ECP-1400]
* Tweak - Add aria label to Google Maps iFrame embed to improve accessibility. [TEC-4404]
* Tweak - Update the recurrence deletion notice copy to help users make clear and informed decisions about removing recurrences. [ECP-1413]
* Tweak - Add some context for abbreviated day translations. [ECP-1430]
* Tweak - Changed views: `custom-tables-v1/components/icons/series`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-icon-link-pill`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-icon-link`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-icon`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-marker-link`, `custom-tables-v1/recurrence/hide-recurring`, `custom-tables-v1/single/series-relationship-marker`, `v2/map/map/google-maps/default`, `v2/venue/meta/map`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/after`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/before`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/title`
* Language - 10 new strings added, 3 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 6 obsoleted
[6.0.3] 2022-11-15
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 6.0.3 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.4 and higher
* Fix - Prevent broken view related `tribe_is_*()` methods to be broken when using with WordPress 6.1 [TEC-4552]
* Fix - Fix for migrating offset RRULE with different time > The RRULE shows as being the same time as the first occurrence. [ECP-1269]
* Fix - Fix for fatal when saving an empty recurrence date in classic editor. [ECP-1363]
* Fix - Refactor Custom Tables v1 post-decorating code to avoid serialization/unserialization issues. [TEC-4379]
* Fix - Fixed issue where "Event will not occur" option doesn't work unless events begin at the top of the hour :)00). [ECP-1355]
* Fix - Fixed fatal error with queueing of the migration telemetry report. [ECP-1403]
* Fix - Avoid fatal errors when hydrating Occurrences cache on incoherent database or cache state. [ECP-1402]
* Fix - Ensure view labels are translated appropriately. [TEC-4485]
* Fix - Prevent `E_ERROR` when using third-party plugins with blocks editor around `tec_event_series()` method [ECP-1409]
* Fix - Avoid type errors in the `tec_events_pro_blocks_recurrence_meta` filter. [TEC-4559]
* Fix - Ensure tribe() singletons are bound before attempting to use them. [ECP-1396]
* Fix - Avoid duplicated queries by including a memoization for Occurrence data. [TBD]
* Fix - Prevent errors when adding exclusion dates to recurring events using the Custom Tables implementation. [ECP-1401]
* Fix - Mitigated PHP errors related Occurrence and Provisional Post objects. [ECP-1402]
* Language - 6 new strings added, 113 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.
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